Back Pencil Skirt

This black Pencil skirt is part of an exclusive collection of pencil skirts. These have beautiful tones and colors. The classic black pencil skirt is a standard in any woman’s wardrobe at all times. These pencil skirts are very comfortable and will give you that dash of classic pencil skirt style. The combination of a classy blouse and sexy shoes will add an extra flare to this style of skirt.

The pencil skirt comes in black, red, navy blue and other assorted colors. Try this skirt in 100% cotton or in a polyester cotton blend. You will be able to select the style of skirt you need from the list below. Some woman prefer the style of a pencil skirt to other types of skirts and is a welcome addition to your sense of fashion and style. A darker choice can be accented by dark shoes and sheer black nylons.

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