Long Denim Skirts For Women

Denim Skirt
This denim skirt is very unique in style and is very well made. Most denim skirts all look the same but this skirt has a style and a look all its own. The skirt itself is 100% cotton denim and super soft. It has a faded blue appearance and comes down to just passed the knee. It offers that classic denim skirt style and will go with just about anything else in your wardrobe.

Knee Length Denim Skirt
Knee length denim skirt offers a vintage look that can not really be matched with other fabrics. You all remember the days of wearing denim skirts to school or out on a date. This is that same kind of skirt we are talking about here. Wear it with your t-shirt or with a very pretty blouse. This denim skirt is very affordable and is a wash and wear ready skirt.

Calf Length Denim Skirts
We also offer a variety of calf length denim skirts in many different colors. These skirts are obviously longer than the knee length skirts and the hem line rests in the center of the calf. Many woman today prefer a longer skirt to most of the shorter skirts available. These skirts come in blue denim, black denim and a tan denim. Skirts are 100% cotton and are wash and wear.

Ankle Length Denim skirt
Our ankle length denim skirt has become very popular as of late. It has a long and elegant look that will pair up well with any top and shoe combination. These skirts offer the same comfort and style as all our other skirts. If you like a skirt that reaches down to your ankle and has an amazing look then these skirts are for you.

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Black Skirts for Women

These black skirts are very comfortable and would be great for everyday casual wear. The skirts come in various lengths, some have pockets and some do not. This black skirt has an elastic waist. The quality of our skirts are unmatched by any other designer. Women always go back to the classic style skirts regardless of what may be in style at the time.

Our black skirts come in plus sizes including a 1x skirt, a 2x skirt and a 3x skirt. You can opt for an expidited shipping option if you so desire. Be sure to check out the size chart for the skirt you are looking to purchase. We look forward to providing you with the best possible quality skirt for women available anywhere.

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Crinkle Skirt for Women

Crinkle skirt has that classic look that every woman desires to have. Spend your day in comfort wearing this stylish crinkle skirt. We have these skirts in a variety of styles and colors. From tie dye to floral print. Fabrics that are available for these crinkle skirts vary, check the item description for details. A size chart for these crinkle skirts is also avilable on the skirts page.

Crinkle skirts are available in women’s small, medium, large, extra large, 2x, 3x and 4x. Check the size chart to be sure you choose the right size for your skirt. Wash and wear and tumble dry. Crinkle skirt for women.

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Tie Dye Skirt

Blue tie dye skirt in plus size. These tie dye skirts are made from 100% cotton and have superior craftsmanship. The tie dye skirt has become a staple part of a woman’s wardrobe. They offer a care free feeling and breezy look. The tie dye skirt comes in many styles and lengths and you can make your selection below for more details on sizes and fabric.

The tie dye skirt is available in small, medium and large right on up through 3x sizes. Check the size chart to make sure you have your measurements correct. Expedited shipping is available on all skirts.

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Ladies Skirts

Several styles of ladies skirts are available. We have a long tiered skirt, denim skirts and also pencil skirts. They come in many comfortable fabrics and cover a broad range of prices. Buy all of your ladies skirts here and save a bundle. Do you need an ankle length or even a knee length skirt? Then look no further. We have a ladies skirt to fit your style and needs.

The skirts are available in sizes small through 4x. 2x, 3x and 4x ladies skirts. Check out the selection available. Be sure to check the size chart found on the individual skirt pages to make sure you have your size correct. Long skirts also available.

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Plus Size Denim Skirts

Imagine yourself in this plus size denim skirt. These skirts offer a vintage denim skirt look that feels as good as it looks. This plus size denim skirt is 100% cotton denim and washes and wears very well. The denim skirt comes in different lengths, from knee length to ankle length. We have a plus size denim skirt for every budget.

Plus size denim skirt comes in 1x, 2x, and 3x sizes and larger sizes if you need it. Plus size skirt size chart will be on the details page for each individual skirt. These skirts also come in a few different colors like Indigo, Black and Tan.

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Long Tiered Skirt

Step into comfort when you purchase one of these long tiered skirt. They are 100% cotton and super comfortable. Any one of these long tiered skirts will round out your wardrobe in classic style. These skirts come in several colors such as white, beige, blue and black. Tiered skirts are great for everyday wear or a relaxing day any where.

These long tiered skirts are ankle length and have a very flowing appearance to them. They will give that classic comfort and feel you would expect from a skirt of this style, comfort and quality. The white tiered skirt is a favorite among lots of women. Some women prefer the black long tiered skirt. The possibilities and wardrobe combinations are endless. Get your tiered skirt today.

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Back Pencil Skirt

This black Pencil skirt is part of an exclusive collection of pencil skirts. These have beautiful tones and colors. The classic black pencil skirt is a standard in any woman’s wardrobe at all times. These pencil skirts are very comfortable and will give you that dash of classic pencil skirt style. The combination of a classy blouse and sexy shoes will add an extra flare to this style of skirt.

The pencil skirt comes in black, red, navy blue and other assorted colors. Try this skirt in 100% cotton or in a polyester cotton blend. You will be able to select the style of skirt you need from the list below. Some woman prefer the style of a pencil skirt to other types of skirts and is a welcome addition to your sense of fashion and style. A darker choice can be accented by dark shoes and sheer black nylons.

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Plus Size Skirt

Plus size skirt that is just passed the knee and looks great. This plus size skirt is made of 100% cotton and comes in many different styles and colors. You can choose the right plus size skirt from the box below. These skirts accessorize well and look great with nylon stockings or pantyhose. We have 2x, 3x and 4x skirts in a variety of styles. You will need to choose the skirt you want to see in greater detail.

These plus size skirts are long and flowing. They will be unmatched in quality anywhere else. See how Mindy wears the 2x skirt. The skirt is very flattering and slimming. The length of the skirt will very by designer but you can choose the length that suits you best. Most of the skirts are 100% cotton and a few styles offer skirts in a poly cotton blend.

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Gorgeous Black A-Line Skirt

This is a gorgeous black a-line skirt with detailed stitching and can be worn with just about any combination of blouse and shoes. Try wearing this skirt with some colored nylons or tights. Of course the folral print a-line skirts are a very popular choice with women as well. There many different designs to the floral print a-line skirt. A-line skirts can make a fashion statement all their own. Put yourself into one of these skirts today.

You will feel like a star walking around in one of these very high quality a-line skirts. They will enhance your own individual personality and style. This skirt can be worn with sheer nylon stockings or pantyhose. Kylie is wearing the skirt with the sheer nylons and it looks fabulous. These skirts are available in many colors and fabrics. It all depends on your particular taste in fashion.

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